So You Don’t Know What Metaverse Is?


Recently, there are lots of people talking about something called Metaverse, and some even call it the Blockchain killer. But how many of us actually know what it is? What makes Metaverse different from other blockchains? Why do so many people in the blockchain space believe that it is going to change everything? This article aims to give you an answer to all these questions!

The Story Behind

In simple words, Metaverse is a decentralized open platform of smart properties and digital identities, based on public blockchain technology. The development of Metavrse has been well thought out and planned with scalability in mind from its beginning. It aims to create an open ecosystem for all major industries to establish collaborative business ventures by leveraging trust and transparency offered by Blockchain-as-Service (BaaS) approach.

The Meaning of It All

The purpose of any technology should be to help people achieve their goals more effectively, but it’s rare for a new technology to come along that genuinely makes life easier for end users. Metaverse is one such technology. In fact, it’s so easy to use that your grandmother can use it! That might sound like an exaggeration, but with Metaverse, creating a customized avatar and walking around in VR will take no time at all. Plus, you won’t need special hardware or software—all you need is an internet connection and Google Cardboard or similar VR headset.

How Will It Change Our Lives

The Internet of Things and augmented reality are still new technologies that aren’t widely adopted. Augmented reality requires wearing glasses or holding a phone in front of your face, which doesn’t really fit into our current lifestyles. Virtual reality is great but currently involves strapping a screen to your face. This might not be very practical or comfortable for many people.

However, metavrse changes all of that! With metavrse you can simply look at something through your smartphone camera and it will appear as if it were right in front of you. It’s like magic! Imagine walking around with a virtual assistant on your shoulder giving you directions, telling you about places around town, ordering food for you at restaurants, etc…  The possibilities are endless!

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